New Poll Shows North Dakota Leads in Job Creation

gallup state of statesNews from the prestigious Gallup Economy website shows North Dakota at 40 on the index with the next highest state showing an index of only 30.

North Dakota Leads in Job Creation for Fifth Straight Year

From Gallop Economy…

North Dakota has ranked No. 1 among U.S. states for job creation in each of the last five years, and it has appeared in Gallup’s top 10 in all six years since the inception of the Gallup Job Creation Index in 2008.

Two states have enjoyed a five-year run in the top tier: Nebraska and Texas. South Dakota, Iowa, and the District of Columbia have been in the top group each of the past four years, since 2010. Minnesota first appeared in the group in 2012, while five other states — Delaware, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Hawaii — are making their first appearance.

Two states — Rhode Island and Connecticut — have the unwanted distinction of appearing in the bottom tier for job creation every year since 2008. New York has been in the low-ranking group each of the past four years, New Mexico each of the past three years, and West Virginia for the past two years. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and North Carolina have made occasional appearances, while 2013 was the first year for Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Nationally, net hiring increased slightly in 2013, with the Job Creation Index averaging +20 during the year, up from +18 in 2012. The index was relatively stable in most states, but rose by significantly more than the average in a handful — most notably Delaware (up 15 points to +29), Florida (up seven points to +22), and California (up seven points to +21). [Read the full report here and check out the interactive map.]

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