Public Banking Supporters

Become a supporter of Arizonans for a New Economy and public banking. Fill out the form below to add yourself and/or your group or business to our supporter list and our mailing list. (Don’t worry, we won’t spam you with a barrage of mail.) Or, you can use the form to send us a note or comment.



Individual Supporters Business/Organizational Supporters
Phil and Pam Lopes, Tucson Progressive Democrats of America, Tucson
Dr. Rick Graap, Tucson  Progressive Democrats of America, Arizona
Dr. Barbara Warren, Tucson  Humanitarian Advocate Coalition, LLC, Apache Junction
Dr. Eve Shapiro, Tucson  Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Church, Tucson
Michael Gordy, Tucson  High Desert Permaculture
Jim Hannley, Tucson  Center for Economic Integrity
Pamela Powers Hannley, Tucson  Minimum Dose Bowen Clinic
Dan O’Neal, Gilbert  Beyond Money
Scott and Cara Prior, Apache Junction  Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona (UUJAz)
 Mariana Spier, Tucson  UUC Public Banking Team in Albuquerque
 Rev. Ron Phares, Tucson  Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson
 Sande Weinstein, Phoenix  Tanque Verde Democrats
 Susie Thornton, Tempe
 Kay Deely, Tucson
 Barbara Njos, Apache Junction
 Rev. Gerry Straatemeier, Tucson
 James and Danielle Rushford, Sahuarita
 Susan Willis, Tucson
 Harvey Akeson, Tucson
 Christine Baker
 Maya Castillo, Tucson
 Marc Armstrong
 John Childs, Flagstaff
 Joe Murphy
 Kathy Watson, Tucson
 Lois Rose, Vail
 Mike Rose, Vail
 Cindy Bruwer, Tucson
 Tom Greco, Tucson
Virginia L. Lynns, Tucson
 Chris Wallace, Tucson
 Dr. Samuel Breidenbach, Marana
 Vern and Vicki Hagen, Albuquerque
 Raquel Mogollon, Tucson
 Peter Becskehazy, Tucson
Marge Swiencicki, Tucson
 Jane R. Paul, Tucson
 Anne Leonard, Tucson
 Jayne and John Leet, Tucson
 Tom Sawyer, Oro Valley
 Chuck Tatum, Tucson
 Roderick McCleod, Tucson
 Mary Nell Hoover, Marana
 James Callegary, Tucson
 Sally Reynolds, Tucson
 James Scorzafave, Oro Valley
 Paul Coleman, Tucson
 Jim Dryer, Tucson
 Terri Hartman, Tucson
 Michael Faircloth, Tucson
 Conn Huffaker, Madison, Wisconsin
 Joanna Brunso, Green Valley
 Sara Felder, Flagstaff
 Pat Baker, Tucson
 Paul Olson, Tucson
 Beth Isabelle, Tucson
 David Williams, Tucson
 Brian Bickel, Tucson
 Ken Karrels, Tucson
 Jodi Sheridan, Tucson
 Anne B. Stericker, Tucson
 David Pear, Tucson
 Frank Bergen, Tucson

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