Hawaii Becomes First State to Pass Basic Income

Futurists tell us that there won’t be enough work in the future because technology will replace workers who now do repetitious or low-skilled work. This has prompted Libertarians (who want smaller government) and Progressives (who want to guarantee a social safety net for workers) to look at the idea of basic income.

Would it be cheaper, more efficient, and more just to give Americans a basic income than to fund a patchwork of social service programs? Hawaii has become the first state in the US to seriously look at the concept of basic income.

Read about it here.

Cross-posted from the Public Banking Institute Blog.


One thought on “Hawaii Becomes First State to Pass Basic Income

  1. It’s undeniable (to me) that we will need a guaranteed basic income–and soon. Either that, or the powers (definitely no pun, Pamela) that be, may just decide to herd all us excess, low-value people into roundup centers and let us rot, out of sight and out of mind.


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