Disappearing Community Banks: Institute for Local Self-Reliance report

Here is the case of the missing community banks. Where-oh-where has my neighborhood banker gone? In this very well researched and documented article, learn how Dodd-Frank has made banking more difficult and expensive for community banks to operate; how very low interest rates are partly to blame due to net interest banking; how Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, revealed why onerous regulations help mega-banks grow market share. Also, please find the exception to this trend; the Shangri-La of community banking: surprise! surprise! North Dakota. BankMarketShares201505062


2 thoughts on “Disappearing Community Banks: Institute for Local Self-Reliance report

  1. My partner just closed his community bank account and moved to Chase. I’m hoping that I can continue to bank at Mission Bank in Kingman and Bullhead while taking advantage of the MANY services Chase offers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate Chase with a passion. But we just can’t afford not to bank with Chase.

    We can’t afford to NOT receive international wires because community banks don’t have a SWIFT code. We can’t afford NOT to be able to make deposits when we go to Vegas instead of Kingman. We can’t afford NOT to be able to receive payments by email, and on and on and on …


    • First, thank you so much for following us, Christine. You make a good point. The Wall St. banks have created many features for their retail bank accounts that many customers find convenient. And, it’s clear that most community banks do not have the resources to compete with these features. Our thrust is on the lending side of banking. Our research supports our claim that most small business lending comes from community banks so if they are reduced in number, we will see a shrinkage of credit at affordable rates available to small businesses. The local economy suffers from stagnation as a result.


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