‘The Great Turning’: Public Banking & Building a ‘Life-Sustaining Civilization’

Unitarian UniversalistsArizonans for a New Economy has been blessed with strong support from the Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist (MVUU) Church in Northwest Tucson and Rev. Ron Phares for the past year. As a social justice ministry of MVUU, we have received generous support from the congregation during their Share the Plate Sundays. These funds have helped us print fliers and a banner, and we are hoping to save money to buy a digital projector for our presentations. Although we have non-profit status from the State of Arizona, we also want to raise funds to apply for federal designation for non-profit status, which costs $400.

In April 2015, we were delighted to learn that the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson (UUCT), under the spiritual guidance of Rev. Diane Dowgiert, has decided to host an Arizonans for a New Economy Share the Plate Sunday in the future.

Check out this podcast from Rev. Diane’s sermon on the great challenge of our era: “…the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization…” She skillfully ties the UU principle of the interconnedtednes of all life to the teachings of the Buddha and to the role of public banking in solving the national crisis of economic inequality. (The public banking shout out is toward the end.)

The Great Turning (April 19, 2015)

If you would like to donate to Arizonans for a New Economy, here is a link to our Donate tab.

One thought on “‘The Great Turning’: Public Banking & Building a ‘Life-Sustaining Civilization’

  1. The meeting hosted by Rev. Phares and the MVUU has had other benefits as well. Because Unitarian Universalists are people dedicated to the service of others and oriented to building the “beloved community” we have received outreach initiatives by those who attended our January presentation.
    For instance, I had a very productive and exciting meeting this morning with fellow UU John Leet who was given my contact information by Rev. Phares. John is interested in improving the distressing condition of the many mobile home parks in our community and has the time and experience to lead such an effort. I am hopeful that Councilperson Karin Uhlich can help me bring together the right parties to develop this project. John is a supporter of Arizonans for a New Economy and advocate of public banking. I will keep our followers informed of future developments.


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