Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller

pima%20seal_0 We are much obliged to Mr. Robert G. Brown, a public banking advocate for scheduling a meeting for us with Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller. We met with her in her in her office today for about an hour. We presented “Top 10 Reasons for Public Banking” power point. She was especially interested to hear about the City of Tucson’s Community Banking initiative and about our successes with Arizona Senate Bill 1395, the Public Banking Task Force bill introduced by Sen. Andrea Dalessandro.

3 thoughts on “Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller

  1. Excellent, this is exactly what we need, to reach out to all public officials and elected officeholders. We have had some success with the City of Tucson officials. Great now that we are connecting with the County and of course our continued efforts with the state legislature.

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