Spreading the Word about Public Banking (video)

Pamela Powers Hannley

ANE Co-Director Pamela Powers Hannley

For the past year, Arizonans for a New Economy Co-Directors Jim Hannley and Pamela Powers-Hannley have been giving presentations and promoting public banking throughout Southern Arizona. And the work continues into 2015.

Most recently, we spoke to Sustainable Tucson in December and to the Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Church in January. Check out the video presentations from the January below and on our new YouTube channel here. State Senator Steve Farley joined us for the January forum. Farley has been a strong supporter for public banking, and in the video below he tells his personal experience when he was a young entrepreneur trying to get a business loan.

Coming up in February, we will participate in the Unitarian Universalist Day at the Legislature on February 16, and we will be speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Amado, Arizona on March 1. Watch for details on our Facebook page here.

In the introductory video, Powers-Hannley discusses the lie of austerity and how public banking can boost the Arizona economy.

In the second video, Hannley talks finance and structure of a state bank or a local public bank.

In this third video, Farley discusses his passion for public banking.


One thought on “Spreading the Word about Public Banking (video)

  1. Great talk, Pam! I was really heartened by Steve Farley’s talk of his collaboration with David Farnsworth. It looks like there’s hope for real movement towards a state bank, thanks in large part to yours and Jim’s hard work in spreading the word and building the movement.


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