In Their Own Words: Our Supporters Express Dedication, Hope & Readiness

Just a few days ago, Arizonans for a New Economy launched our supporter page. We were heartened by how many people and organizations jumped at the chance to add their names to our supporter list and our email list in the first 24 hours. More supporter names are rolling in.

Even more inspiring have been the comments our supporters are posting on the sign-up form, on Facebook, and on Twitter. You get it! You “get” why public banking is good for people and businesses in Arizona. We can do this together. Thank you!

Looking forward to re shaping our nation’s economy.
– Rev. Ron Phares, Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalit Church

Arizona, not to mention the country is in need of a new economy although Obama has been doing his job well.
– Sande Weinstein, Phoenix

Public money leveraged for public investment for the public good creates economic growth.
– James Rushford, Tucson

I strongly support the concept of public banking and would love to be part of the movement to establish a public bank for Arizona.
– Susan Willis, Tucson

In good times and bad, people and government need many different backups for success. Public Banking is solid financial management of public revenues.
– Harvey Akeson, Tucson, former state legislator

I’d love to see county banks to support LOCAL investment and projects.
– Christine Baker, Meadview

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