Justice Rising Devotes Spring Issue to Public Banking

justice rising on public banking- cover-sm72 Justice Rising, a publication of the Alliance for Democracy, devoted its entire spring issue to public banking.

This booklet covers all aspects of public banking. For people who want to learn more about public banking and various efforts in the US, this is a must read. Check out the PDF here or links to specific articles here.

From the Alliance for Democracy…

Public Banking: Creating Jobs, Building Communities and Reclaiming the Commons

Public control of the money supply is essential after the irresponsibility shown by the private financial industry. The derivative-driven meltdown of 2008 destroyed the monetary system, throwing people out of work and then out of their homes all across the country. Establishing public banks is an important first step in taking control our common financial system. Learn how public banks function around the world and how to make one happen in your community in this latest issue of Justice Rising, available online now as a complete issue or single articles. Our members get a free subscription—join today! Extra copies available! Call us at 781-894-1179 or emailafd@thealliancefordemocracy.org.


One thought on “Justice Rising Devotes Spring Issue to Public Banking

  1. Some ask the question, isn’t Public Banking Unfair competition to existing commerce banks?
    The simple answer is no, because public banking fills a large hole in the financial markets. It taps and provides service to a totally ignored market. In addition by providing much needed capital and generating commerce activity the whole economy benefits including the banking industry.


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